Friday, March 19, 2010

Facts About ObamaCare That Will Scare You

Special deals, higher premiums, massive taxes, unfair mandates, soaring deficits, lack of transparency, deal-making, job-killer... Those are just some of the terms that have been used to describe this massive government takeover in the health care industry over the past few weeks. The fact remains, the bill before the House this weekend is not good for NY-23.

This health care bill over the next decade will tax the American public for 10 years, but we will only see 6 years of benefits. That's like buying a car and paying it off over four years and then getting your car. Who does that? And who wants the government to run our health care system that way? Several Democrats in Congress have even admitted that when this bill passes health care premiums will rise. Ask any private practice doctor how they feel about government intrusion into our health care system, and they will tell you that it just doesn't work. Most health care patients agree that they want their doctor to make their decisions about health care, not a politician in Congress or a Big Government bureaucrat.

On top of that, this bill includes a ton of special deals for other states and districts, but New York as a whole gets left out in the cold. Congressman Bill Owens' Democrat colleague, Michael Arcuri, in NY-24 is voting against the bill because he said small businesses would be negatively affected and that economic and job growth would suffer immensely. The ObamaCare bill, according the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office assumes that 8 million employees will lose their insurance coverage. That assumption is derived from the thought that employers will save money by taking a government penalty or fee to drop their employer sponsored health insurance. The Wall Street Journal also believes this bill will be a job killer and a tax-hiker. Once employees are forced off their employers plan, everyday Americans will be pushed in a plan that rations care to save costs for the government. The New York Times admitted that much in this piece this week.

As things stand today, Medicaid repayments are currently assessed against certain applicants. But what is worse is that under this new plan, Medicaid and Medicare will place tax leins against capital gains from sales of assets like homes, snowmobiles, ATVs, cars, land, jewelry and other physical property. One implication of the House passing the Senate health care bill is that thousands of property owners in upstate and central New York will be forced onto the expanded Medicaid. People with low-to-mid income levels who may own hereditary property, 2nd cars, collections, ATV's and other properties will likely wind up having those things taken away from them.

That is an outrage because many people in Northern New York rely on earned income credit tax credits every spring to get their houses painted, pay for the car repairs and other credits. However, with the changes in the taxation status of the health benefits from their employers, many low-to-mid income families in NY-23 may very well find themselves move out of their tax brackets, resulting in a lot of people getting tagged for more taxes to the fed.

But ObamaCare won't just tax individuals and employers if they don't comply with these heavy mandates. New reports are showing that the IRS will begin taxing everyday products to continue to pay for the health overhaul. Medical devices, prescription drugs and other health benefits and services will be considered fair-play for new taxes by the federal government. These are just some of the facts that ordinary Americans didn't want to hear. Just wait until we finally find out everything else in the 2,400+ page bill that surely stands to bankrupt the federal government. A vote for health care is a vote for higher taxes, fewer benefits, higher premiums and bigger deficits.


  1. Bugs posted this in part:

    "People with low-to-mid income levels who may own hereditary property, 2nd cars, collections, ATV's, and other properties will likely wind up having those things taken away from them."

    Cite that in any bill now pending, please, page, section, etc.

  2. Health care reform will prevent insurance companies from dropping your insurance when you or children get sick. Contact Rep. Owens's office and tell him to vote "Yea".

  3. To Dan Francis:

    Just look at current Medicaid rules and reflect upon what you discover. The answer to your question is there... 'Luke'.

    As for those who currently earn less than $38,000 per year, they do qualify for EIC. But under Obama care, the subsidized insurance premiums becomes 'earned income', and in many cases families because of this fact will see an increase in their annual income by up to $14,000 or more, putting them out of the EIC bracket... without seeing any benefit at all, because (yes they will have free health care) many younger beneficiaries of this will not likely even use the free health care but loose out on the EIC tax refund they have come accustomed to receiving every year).

    You (Obama) say no tax increase on the poor or middle class... but what about the matter of a reduction in tax returns the poor and middle class currently enjoy?

  4. NY23inMD: (Disgraced) Rep. Owens may vote "Yea". But bless his heart if he votes your way. He isn't voting for health care reform. If he was he would be voting for better health care delivery. He is voting for health insurance reform that most of this great Country is against. Most polls have found that the country does not support a bill about to be passed by the most slightest -- less than 1% of the entire country. Don't you find that ridiculous?

    Why would a Congress, including Bill Owens, vie for something that more than half the Country does not want? What type of country is this?

    Those in upstate New York, not MD, may not know the harm that this may cause. Maybe they do not know that I could quit my great government job on Sunday and start collecting free health care at their benefit.

    Is that right? No.

    You need to relax and understand that every person, by the grace of God, is given a free will. Every person is able, by God's given grace, to make something of themselves. No person in this country should be made to pick up the slack for those that can't do it for themselves.

    Feel free to argue. I welcome it.

  5. Sorry, Scott: you are way off the mark.

  6. Where do the "soaring deficits" come from? I wish you so-called "Conservatives" would quit the flat-out lying. The CBO estimates deficit REDUCTIONS.

  7. When my mom was placed in a nursing home, I had to sell everything she owned, sorry you have to sell your ATV's, you shouldn't have one if you can't afford health care.