Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Call Bill Owens & Tell Him NY-23 is the People's Seat, Not Obama & Pelosi's

The White House self-imposed Thursday, March 18th, as the date when the House should vote for the Senate version of the health care reform bill. That doesn’t mean the President or the folks in the House won’t move the goal posts again, but it is a pretty safe bet that the end of March is last battle cry for the Democrats to carry on this looney tune fantasy to socialize our medicine.

The conventional thinking goes like this: expect that the House will be taking up the Senate-passed health care reform bill any day now. This bill is not good for Northern and Central New York. If you are reading this blog then we expect that you should already know the reasons why. It costs $2.5 trillion and for what? It will not create a single job for a single person in NY-23. It will increase our debt. Seniors will lose their Medicare Advantage plans. Your money will go to pay for other people’s abortions. Washington bureaucrats will be getting between you and your doctor and their meddling will have a significant impact on the health care delivery options you are entitled to. Premiums will go up. Rural hospitals and health centers will be consolidated. Medical liability will continue to drive up costs, resulting in less access for patients and fewer incentives for better-trained medical professionals to enter the health care field.

The whole thing is a precursor to Bigger and Bigger and Bigger government. Ladies and gentlemen, this is simply not what we signed up for. Now is the time to tell Washington.

Can anyone talk to Congressman Bill Owens about this, please? Ask him why he is still undecided. Ask him how many jobs this monstrosity will create. Ask him how he expects our children and our grandchildren to pay for the costs. Ask him why he wants to take our money to pay for abortions. Ask him if he is so concerned with our debt why he wants to spend more money on a government run system that would force small businesses to comply with new bureaucratic red-tape or else face fines and new taxes. Ask him why he is so in the bag for Obama and Pelosi.

There is only one solution to this nightmare: we must start over and work out a bipartisan solution. Tell Congressman Bill Owens, who voted for the House Health Care Reform bill when he was first elected to office last year, that we need his help. Even though he lied about his true position to the people of NY-23 on the campaign trail he is now evolving on this issue. If Owens gets enough pressure from his constituents we can make a difference. In recent news reports Owens says he might flip-flop on health care. Tell Owens that just because he owes his seat to Pelosi and Obama who raised him buckets of money last year, the NY-23 seat is still the people's seat. Afterall, Owens does have to answer to us next fall.

You can call his DC office today at 202-225-4611. You can call his Watertown office at 315-782-3150. You can call his Plattsburgh office at 518-563-1406. You can call his Mayfield office at 518-661-6486. And you can call his Canastota office at 315-875-5115. Then you can e-mail his office by going to this link. And if you really want to make sure he gets the message you can e-mail his campaign aide, Gary Whidby, at Ask Owens to go public in the news. Demand that he represent the people of NY-23 instead of Obama and Pelosi. This bill is bad, but we don't even know all the problems that are in it because even the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, doesn't even know everything that is in it.


  1. Of course, Bill Owens doesn't even know what is in this bill. I wonder if he knew what was in the last bill he voted for. He was only in office for a single day before he voted for it. I predict that this vote is going to end his short career in politics.

  2. That video is awesome Buggs. Pelosi telling an audience they need to pass health care so we can all figure out what is in it.

  3. I guess Owens was wasting taxpayer dollars on a tele-townhall tonight.

    I wonder if he will get the hint. He is a better talker than a listener so I wouldn't bet on it.

  4. I don't know who is worse: Owens or Doheny. Who would you want? The guy on Team Pelosi or a a guy on Team Wall Street?

  5. Boo ... are you scared now?

    Health care, which we need and which is eating up our economy and has us ranked near the bottom of all other industrial nations, needs fixing. Now we have the chance and the GOP, along with a guy named "Bugs" no less, is leading the pack saying, Duck!

    Reminds me of the GOP attacks and fear mongering did back in '36 against Social Security, or in '65 against Medicare. BTW: Ask your grandparents how those two programs are working out? I'm sure they will be all too happy to enlighten you.

    Pass it now, and if there are fixes needed, then fix them. But, let's get it done now!

  6. The policy debate is over and it's clear that reforming health care will expand coverage, reduce costs and improve the quality of care. Without reform, more people will lose their insurance coverage every day, and premiums will increase 20, 30, even 40 percent every year.

    Call your congressional representatives and ask them to support health care reform now. It's time to get it done.

  7. NY23inMD have you gone mad? Even some Democrats are admitting that their reform will raise premiums once it passes. Remember that the benefits don't kick in for several years down the road but we start paying for them up front once this bill passes. That is like paying 4 years off on a vehicle and not getting the car until it is all paid for.

  8. Where's all the news?? Anybody home??

  9. I keep getting calls from a number that comes up as Private with a recording telling me all the things they don't like about Addie Russell. I am so fed up and sick and tired of these calls I'm about ready to throw my support behind Addie just because I HATE whomever is making those calls. I figure it's most likely connected with Bill Owens. If not, he probably knows who it is. If they don't have the guts to list their number so we can block it, then shut up.