Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Franklin GOP Supports Candidate Who Dresses Like a Terrorist?

File this one under ugly political optics.

Franklin County Republican Committee Chairman James Ellis is supporting Democrat Executive Steve Levy for New York State Governor. Levy was a Democrat until just a few weeks ago when he decided he wanted to run for Governor. One could argue that Levy is worse than Dede Scozzafava in more ways than one. After all, Scozzafava may have dressed up in weird pink outfits, but at least she didn't dress up as a terrorist!

It is repulsive to think that Chairman James Ellis would abandon the voters of Franklin county who believe in a free and strong America so he can cozy up with liberal Democrats. Who supports candidates that dress up as terrorists anyways? Now rumors are circulating that Ellis is planning on supporting Mr. Wall Street Banker-Lawyer Matt Doheny for NY-23 over Conservative - Republican Doug Hoffman.

Several other Republican county chairs in NY-23 are also supporting Levy and Doheny over Republican Rick Lazio. The questions one has to ask is: are Ellis and some of the other county chairs trying to fracture the Republican Party on purpose? Why can't the county committees just do their job and then endorse the winner of the Republican Party once the fight is over? Does Doheny also support Steve Levy for Governor over Rick Lazio?

The county committees were never originally set up to tear the party apart before the primary happened. The county committees exist to be a support network to recruit candidates, help organize events, educate the public on Republican ideals, push Republican policies, and help fund candidates once they earn the right to be the Republican nominee for political office.

Now these committees function to give credibility and cover to Democrats who dress up like Osama Bin Ladin and carpetbaggers from New York City who traded stocks and dividends on Wall Street. In a sense, the county committees are losing credibility because of their ulterior motives, failure to communicate with the grassroots, uncanny inability to win local races, a capacity to fundamentally tear the GOP apart, and weak leadership.

Update, 4/14/10: Several individuals have e-mailed and said that you can go back 20+ years into anyone's history and find something that disqualifies them for public office. However, it should be pointed out that when Levy dressed up as an unrepentant terrorist on October 31, 1983, it was only 8 days after 241 American Servicemen had died serving our country in Beirut, Lebanon as Islamic terrorists bombed the Marine barracks on October 23, 1983. What sort of a person would show that kind of rash humor just days after the biggest death toll of American service members the US experienced since Vietnam. Levy is not just a bad comedian. He is bad for New York and the Republican Party.


  1. I would suspect that Doheny likes Levy, I think he would support Lazio only because Lazio was also a Wall Street Banker-Lawyer. Doheny was with a Big Foreign Bank in NYC, but Lazio was with JP Morgan in NYC.

  2. If nothing else, your paranoid rants are entertaining!

  3. Oh give me a break! Dressing up like a terrorist? The guy is JEWISH! You think he's a Muslim fundamentalist, because he dressed up like one for Halloween...? Give me a break. If people believed in what they dressed up as for a silly holiday, that would mean that my daughter is actually going to grow up and become either a pirate, princess, professional athlete or a gypsy. Get a new argument.

  4. Please join with me in the spirit of party unity and demand that Chairman Ellis drop his support of Steve Levy now.


    From: Anonymous
    To: Chairman Ellis
    Subject: Gubernatorial nomination
    Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2010 14:55:46 -0400

    Chairman Ellis,

    We are at a crossroads, as a party and as a state. The future of New York State hangs by a thread, thanks entirely to the Democrat's failed policies. This year, we have an unparelled opportunity to regain control of the senate and the governor's mansion and Steve Levy is the wrong man to lead that charge. Steve Levy will bring our party down in November and you must demand that he withdraw from the Gubernatorial race. He is not the reformer he proclaimed to be, nor is he is a man of the people. He is no different from Eliot Spitzer and Alan Hevisi. For the future of our party, he must get out of the race now!

    Yours, Anonymous

  5. Maybe we should look into the past. Ellis was one of Senator Stafford's lackeys and Owens was a law partner with Stafford. When Stafford said jump, Ellis would jump. Ellis is really out to get Owens elected, even if it means the destruction of the Franklin County Republican Party. Get smart Republicans, call for his resignation.